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ᐱᕈᖅᓯᕕᒃ @ Coded Utopia, 2011 (details)

Hydroponic garden system + LED lighting system
2010-present (ongoing)

Nearly all fresh vegetables and fruits available in Nunavut are shipped thousands of kilometers. Only the hardiest and most bio-engineered arrive there, and are available only at a great expense. Dehydrated foods, prepared foods and Soda are generally cheaper than items that are healthy, fresh and have a higher nutritional value. the ᐱᕈᖅᓯᕕᒃ (PIRUQSIVIK) is a hydroponic garden under development for use in Nunavut as a community garden in Igloolik.

After the exhibition the system will be custom fit into a container, and shipped to Nunavut in order to become a community garden, providing free vegetables for the community. the hydroponic garden uses no soil, instead feeding the plants by a nutrient infused water. light emitting diodes custom tuned for the light spectrum that is best for growth (hence the pink light) uses an extremely low amount of electricity. In the north, the entire system will be powered by renewable resources, and will produce fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs year round.

Concept and Design: Matthew Biederman / Marko Peljhan
Developed in conjunction with: Marko Marovt, growNRW (DE) with the help of Marko Gabrijelčič and Uroš Veber
The plans of the HYDRO-1-GARDEN will be published in the technology cahier under an open source license.