ISAGUTAQ in use at Siurajuuk Penninsula powering a live video stream to London UK.

ᐃᓴᒍᑕᖅ (ISAGUTAQ) = Ray of Light
Mobile Power System, 2010

API’s Mobile Power system (MPS) is specifically designed to be a highly portable, quickly deployable renewable power generation plant and is a result of fieldwork requirements that emerged during the I-TASC and MAKROLAB projects. the MPS is capable of 2KW generation, supporting 2 solar plants, and 2 wind turbines in total. Field-tested on Siuraarjuk Peninsula, NU (Location: 69.850607 N, -81.278800 W) in May 2010, it supplied ample power to light the cabin, power a laptop and satellite internet connection, which in turn allowed for a live video exchange between Suiraarjuk, NU and London, UK.

Concept: Matthew Biederman, Marko Peljhan, Nejc Trošt
A design and industrial collaboration between API, PROJEKT ATOL and C-ASTRAL ltd. (Samo Stopar, Andrej Bizjak, Primoz Lemut)
The plans of the Isagutaq will be published in the technology cahier under an open source license.
Thanks to Guillaume Saladin for extensive testing.