Protoype Construction Underway

The first prototype of the Iglutaq, designed  together with Ricahrd Carbonnier, Nejc Trost and API, is currently under construction.  Through a collaboration with Nasivvik High School , in Mittimatilik, NU.,  API and Richard are working with David Panipak (right) and Taylor Inuaraq to build the prototype. Above you can see the start of the lower section of the hard shell.   The prototype will be completed and tested in May by API and community memebers in various locations around Nunavut.  If you're in Nunavut and would like to see the prototype, and discuss it, please contact us at info[at]arcticperspectoive[dot]org. (replacing the @ and .)

You can follow the construction with more images in the Photo Archive pages.

Open Design Competition Winners Selected

Three architects – Richard Carbonnier (Canada), Giuseppe Mecca (Italy), and Catherine Rannou (France) – have been selected as joint winners of the Arctic Perspective Initiative open architecture competition. The challenge of this international competition, announced in early 2009, was to design a mobile media-based work and habitation unit, capable of functioning in extreme cold as well as in temperate climates, and incorporating the use of renewable energy, water and waste recycling sytems.

From geopolitics to climate change, the global community is increasingly focused on the circumpolar regions.  This was evident in that API received a staggering 103 architectural and engineering submissions from 30 different countries and territories, proving that the earth’s polar regions and communities lie at the heart of a critical global junction.  With progressively more access to these regions - and consequently more interest by domestic and foreign governments and corporations in their natural and economic resources - API is committed to the empowerment and sustainable development of Northern communities through the collaboration and combination of science, arts, engineering and culture.  Out of the 103 submissions, the jury is proud to award three prizes each worth 1.500 € to:
Richard Carbonnier, Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet - Nunavut, Canada)
Giuseppe Mecca, Florence (Italy), and 
Catherine Rannou, Plouezoc‘h (France)
For Complete Details on the winning projects and the Jury process, please see here.


The Arctic Perspective Initiative Nunavut crew consisisting of Matthew Biederman, Marko Peljhan and Nejc Trost has returned from a 21 day working session in Iglulik, Foxe Basin and Baffin Island. API was invited to work in the area by Paul Quassa and took part in the Igloolik Isuma Productions organised visit of traditional Inuit sites with elders from the area, who used to live there. Together with our guide Ikkiraapik Harry Ituqsarjuat, we have landed and worked on several islands and peninsulae in the Foxe Basin and Baffin Island, and stopped for longer periods on Qaggiagvik Island, Maniqtuuk Island, Ikpik river mouth area and Ilutulaaq Kangiqllu.  We have spent long periods of time talking and learning from the elders about the life on the land in the past and potential futures, we tested environmental monitoring capabilities for "citizen" sensing solutions in Nunavut, long distance data and voice communication systems and  in collaboration with C-Astral Ltd. conducted unmanned aerial surveying of the Ikpik bay area and Iglulik.

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Time: 01:41:32 UTC
Date: August 9, 2009
Current Location: Manirqtuu Qikiqtaq (Koch Island)
Coordinates: 69.74026, -78.39437
Local Environment: 7.31C, 99.12%rH
Teams: API, ISUMA, Igloolik Elders, C-ASTRAL

Detailed Expedition log to follow upon our return.


Please note that the open design CFP for the MOBILE MEDIA-CENTRIC HABITATION AND WORK UNIT competition is now closed. We received 103 submissions from 30 different countries out of which 33 applied as teams and 70 of them as single applicants.

The greater number was male (75), but also some female teams, single female applicants (13) or mixed teams (12) contributed their ideas.

In detail these are (name country and number of submissions):
Belarus 1, Canada 7, Caracas 1, Chile 2, China 1, Denmark 1, France 5, Georgia 1, Germany 18, Great Britain 7, Greece 1, Hong Kong 3, Hungary 1, India 6, Indonesia 1, Italy 4, Japan 2, Kuwait 1, Mexico 1, Netherlands 2, Pakistan 1, Poland  1, Romania 1, Russia 5, Slovenia 3, Spain 4, Turkey 1, Ukraine 1, USA 19, Yakutia 1

The jury will convene in Reykjavik, Iceland between September 15-18, and shortly after we will publish the results here.

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