API meeting with Mittimatilik HTO members to discuss design of the Kallitaq

Images are online from our recent fieldwork conducted in Mittimatilik, Igloolik, and Iqaluit.  This spring we tested several systems, conducted meetings discussing the future design and implementations of API, and held workshops on FLOSS. Too many great ideas and expereinces to list here, but they will bubble up through our future work.  We succesfully tested our MPS - a renewable power system that continues to generate electricty in Igloolik, and we also conducted a two way video conference from a remote location on Siurarjuk Penninsula, Baffin Island to London UK, all powered from solar. A first, for sure.

see the Photo Archive for more images

Solar panels powering the live video conference from Suirarjuk Penninsula, NU to London, UK

A big thanks to the following people whose help was indespensable: Paul Quassa, Zacharius Kunuk, Joshua, Paula, Brain (of the Mittimatilik HTO), Rhoda, Oana Spinu and Nigel, Carol Kunuk, Philippa Ootoowak, Guilliaume Ittukssarjuat Saladin, Terry Uyarak, Maren Vsetula, and the community members....