Three architects – Richard Carbonnier (Canada), Giuseppe Mecca (Italy), and Catherine Rannou (France) – have been selected as joint winners of the Arctic Perspective Initiative open architecture competition. The challenge of this international competition, announced in early 2009, was to design a mobile media-based work and habitation unit, capable of functioning in extreme cold as well as in temperate climates, and incorporating the use of renewable energy, water and waste recycling sytems.

From geopolitics to climate change, the global community is increasingly focused on the circumpolar regions.  This was evident in that API received a staggering 103 architectural and engineering submissions from 30 different countries and territories, proving that the earth’s polar regions and communities lie at the heart of a critical global junction.  With progressively more access to these regions - and consequently more interest by domestic and foreign governments and corporations in their natural and economic resources - API is committed to the empowerment and sustainable development of Northern communities through the collaboration and combination of science, arts, engineering and culture.  Out of the 103 submissions, the jury is proud to award three prizes each worth 1.500 € to:
Richard Carbonnier, Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet - Nunavut, Canada)
Giuseppe Mecca, Florence (Italy), and 
Catherine Rannou, Plouezoc‘h (France)
For Complete Details on the winning projects and the Jury process, please see here.


As a student I have found

As a student I have found this essay very pedagogical and also of course informative for the student to know about the condition of Arctic. Definitely because of global warming climate chaos may have taken place in Arctic the same as in Nepal. The glacier has been changed into dark rock in Nepal. The stakeholders and the countries which is using maximum amout of carbondioxide should serousily pay attention on Arctic Zone and its people.


These designs are real good for the arctic. Sometimes contest are just being opened up for the men but not for the women, it is just like giving them some experience of gendercide. But that’s not going to happen here.