The Arctic Perspective Initiative Nunavut crew consisisting of Matthew Biederman, Marko Peljhan and Nejc Trost has returned from a 21 day working session in Iglulik, Foxe Basin and Baffin Island. API was invited to work in the area by Paul Quassa and took part in the Igloolik Isuma Productions organised visit of traditional Inuit sites with elders from the area, who used to live there. Together with our guide Ikkiraapik Harry Ituqsarjuat, we have landed and worked on several islands and peninsulae in the Foxe Basin and Baffin Island, and stopped for longer periods on Qaggiagvik Island, Maniqtuuk Island, Ikpik river mouth area and Ilutulaaq Kangiqllu.  We have spent long periods of time talking and learning from the elders about the life on the land in the past and potential futures, we tested environmental monitoring capabilities for "citizen" sensing solutions in Nunavut, long distance data and voice communication systems and  in collaboration with C-Astral Ltd. conducted unmanned aerial surveying of the Ikpik bay area and Iglulik.