Notes from FIELD_NOTES, Kilpisjarvi (FI)

Oula Valkeapää points out ancient Sami stone reindeer fences near the Didno River (NO)

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API @ 'OPEN SOURCE' Exhibition

Sea, Tundra and Ice Papers (detail), Lyon Biennial 2011

API will participate in the exhibition "OPEN SOURCE" at the Centre Européen d'Actions Artistiques Contemporarines (CEAAC) with "Circumpolar Phoenix" and  "Sea Ice and Tundra Papers" along with HeHe, Julien Prévieux and others. The exhibtion is the second in the series "Think Global, Act Local" as imagined by the Coalition pour l'art et le development durable (COAL).

Open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 2pm to 6pm, closed on public holidays and during the month of August
Free entry 

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Call for collaborators: "Field_Notes – HYBRID MATTERs"

API members Matthew Biederman and Marko Peljhan, along with Leena and Oula Valkeapää will be hosting one of the groups for  HYBRID MATTERs at the Kilpisjarvi Biological Station this fall along with four other groups and we are looking for collaborators.  We hope to hear from you soon! 


From 14th – 20th September 2015
at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Lapland/Finland

Application deadline: 29th of Mai 2015


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API is presenting 7 works at the MTLBNL: "L'avenir (Looking Forward)" among many other fascinating works.  Curated by Gregory Burke, Peggy Gale, Lesley Johnstone and Mark Lanctot.

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We are pleased to present the "CIRCUMPOLAR-PHOENIX" ongoing project for the first time in Turkey as part of the 2nd Istanbul Design Bienniale: "The Future is Not what it Used to Be" curated by Zoe Ryan and Meredith Carruthers.


API @ "Ice Laboratory" Exhibition, Moscow


Special project of the 5th Moscow biennale of contemporary art

ICE LABORATORY is the first exhibition in the series of science art  projects uniting the ideas of contemporary artists, glaciologists, oceanologists and anthropologists,  planned by Laboratoria Art&Science.

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Mathew Biederman will be presenting a talk on 'SINUNI, Qaujimajatuqangit and trandsiciplinary fusion in the North" as part of the Adaptation's L'Arqtique - le Nunavut à 15 years, a series conducted under the direction of Lateral Office for the Canadian contribution to the Venice Bienniale of Architecture 2014, with the contribution of the School of Architecture, University de Montreal.

Full Schedule of speakers for the series is here.
Arctic Adaptations details here.

Skibotn Panorama

ᓯᓄᓂ SINUNI Sensornet Workshop

A 3-day SINUNI Sensornet workshop underway at Aalto Fablab, Helsinki. After extensive testing of the Hybrid Mesh Sensornetwork (SINUNI) during our time at the Arsbioarctica residency in Kilpisjarvi (FI), we are working with a fantastic group of artists to build the technical foundation for a sensornetwork to be maintained, modified and refined with oru hosts, the Finnish Bioarts Society.  Check the workshop blog for full details, links, etc. Additional Photo Documentation

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