API Videos

Ikiraapik discusses his own experiences returning to Ikpik and how things have changed over the last 40 years. 


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Arctic Perspective Initiative (API) is proud to announce the publication of the first of four Cahiers, published in conjunction with the project Arctic Perspective.

Arctic Perspective Cahier no. 1: Architecture focuses on Arctic architecture and documents the results of the international API design competition.

It is edited by Andreas Müller (An Architektur, Berlin), designed by Ziga Testen (Maastricht/Ljubljana), and published by Hatje Cantz (Ostfildern).

The whole API Cahiers series editors are: Inke Arns, Matthew Biederman, Marko Peljhan and Nicola Triscott

Order physical copies through:

Hatje Cantz Website
(it should be available on other amazon sites soon - stay tuned)

Also Published under a CC license, feel free to download a PDF copy.

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2010 Exhibitions

Sorry, but our 2010 exhibitions are now closed.  There is plenty of documentation available here on our site.  Please drop us a line if you'd like specific information related to it. All the works are available to travel, please send all enquiries to: info[at]arcticperspective[dot]org

API @ HMKV                                      API @ CANADA HOUSE
June 18 – October 10, 2010                                    May 21 - September 30, 2010


Download a PDF of the exhibition short guide in English or German


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