Architecture Competion Announcement


Three architects – Richard Carbonnier (Canada), Giuseppe Mecca (Italy), and Catherine Rannou (France) – have been selected as joint winners of the Arctic Perspective Initiative open architecture competition. The challenge of this international competition, announced in early 2009, was to design a mobile media-based work and habitation unit, capable of functioning in extreme cold as well as in temperate climates, and incorporating the use of renewable energy, water and waste recycling sytems.

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IGLUTAQ Construction Continues

David and Taylor inside the hard shell.  In early May, API will test the unit on the land, and present the initial design to several communites in Nunavut to further refine the design through community input.

API Exhibition, London UK

The API exhibition will show specially commissioned architectural models of the winning entries from an international open design competition for the mobile unit, which received more than 100 entries from over 30 countries. It will also showcase documentation of the project's development, including photographs and films from the team’s trip in summer 2009 made with Igloolik elders and Isuma TV, re-visiting former settlements around the Foxe basin.  The winning unit architectural designs by Richard Carbonnier (Canada), Catherine Rannou (France) and Giuseppe Mecca (Italy) will be displayed.

Open weekdays 10am–6pm

Canada House
5 Trafalgar Square
London SW1Y 5BJ
United Kingdom

Presented in conjunction with the London Festival of Architecture

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