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The Arctic is simultaneously a zone of geopolitical tensions and a space for transnational, circumpolar, and intercultural cooperation and collaboration. In light of the effects of climate changes, the indiscriminate economic exploitation of untapped sources of energy and natural resources in the Polar Regions is increasingly feasible and potentially inevitable. Yet vested geopolitical and economic interests give very little deference to the determined indigenous cultures inhabiting the circumpolar territories. The Arctic Perspective Initiative (API), a transnational art, science, and culture working group, intends to direct attention to the global cultural and ecological significance of the Polar Regions. API does this through knowledge sharing, learning from and empowering the local citizens of the North through the creation of open and participatory communications, sensing, aggregation, and transmission technologies and strategies. 

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DEADLINE: AUGUST 1ST, 2009, 23:59:59 UTC

Please note there is no formal pre-registration process. You can submit your proposal at any time before the deadline.

To submit via email:

Please use a webservice such as yousendit, rapidshare or an equivalent.

Send all files to: final2009[at]arcticperspective[dot]org

 If you have any issues using the above services, or your file is over 100MB, please contact final[AT]arcticperspective[DOT]org to resolve.


Please note that the open design CFP for the MOBILE MEDIA-CENTRIC HABITATION AND WORK UNIT competition is now closed. We received 103 submissions from 30 different countries out of which 33 applied as teams and 70 of them as single applicants.

The greater number was male (75), but also some female teams, single female applicants (13) or mixed teams (12) contributed their ideas.

In detail these are (name country and number of submissions):
Belarus 1, Canada 7, Caracas 1, Chile 2, China 1, Denmark 1, France 5, Georgia 1, Germany 18, Great Britain 7, Greece 1, Hong Kong 3, Hungary 1, India 6, Indonesia 1, Italy 4, Japan 2, Kuwait 1, Mexico 1, Netherlands 2, Pakistan 1, Poland  1, Romania 1, Russia 5, Slovenia 3, Spain 4, Turkey 1, Ukraine 1, USA 19, Yakutia 1

The jury will convene in Reykjavik, Iceland between September 15-18, and shortly after we will publish the results here.