Below, in the interest of fairness is a compilation of questions and we've recieved regarding the CFP.  If your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to send us a personal message at : design2009[at]arcticperpsective[dot]org.


1000-1500 kg planned include also food storage, technical equipement, laguage, means of transportation, fuel etcr (pls confirme or every item)?

Are the vehicles/engine required to transport the unit included in the mass limit of 1500 kg?

The 1500Kg maximum is a 'dry' weight.  This is a consideration before any of the systems such as hydroponics, computers, fuel, water and personnel are aboard.

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First Germination

We're getting the first sprouts from the Montreal Hydroponic Test Unit (MTLHTU).  About 48hrs after seeding, the rapini and the swiss chard seeds are starting to pop.

We'll be making the full set of hydroponic data aviable here shortly.

CDPDU @ Futur en Seine, Paris

CDPDU @ Futur en Seine, Paris

Maison des Metallos

94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud

Paris 75011


CDPDU - Tokyo Prototype on display at ICC Tokyo

Full details HERE.

CDPDU at ICC Tokyo and Futur en Seine

CDPDU at the ICC Tokyo

The first two COMMON DATA PROCESSING and DISPLAY UNITs (CDPDU) will be on display simultaneously in Paris and Tokyo.  The Common Data Processing and Display Unit (CDPDU) is a data display and processing architecture built to open hardware and software standards. The CDPDU will serve as one of the public faces of the Arctic Perspective Initiative project throughout its duration. The first prototypes of the data collection units are installed in Montreal, Quebec, Santa Barbara, California, Ljubljana, Slovenia and Igloolik, Nunavut. These collection units are all sending their data in real-time to the CDPDU in order to be processed and displayed for the public.


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