API @ "Ice Laboratory" Exhibition, Moscow


Special project of the 5th Moscow biennale of contemporary art

ICE LABORATORY is the first exhibition in the series of science art  projects uniting the ideas of contemporary artists, glaciologists, oceanologists and anthropologists,  planned by Laboratoria Art&Science.

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Mathew Biederman will be presenting a talk on 'SINUNI, Qaujimajatuqangit and trandsiciplinary fusion in the North" as part of the Adaptation's L'Arqtique - le Nunavut à 15 years, a series conducted under the direction of Lateral Office for the Canadian contribution to the Venice Bienniale of Architecture 2014, with the contribution of the School of Architecture, University de Montreal.

Full Schedule of speakers for the series is here.
Arctic Adaptations details here.

Skibotn Panorama

ᓯᓄᓂ SINUNI Sensornet Workshop

A 3-day SINUNI Sensornet workshop underway at Aalto Fablab, Helsinki. After extensive testing of the Hybrid Mesh Sensornetwork (SINUNI) during our time at the Arsbioarctica residency in Kilpisjarvi (FI), we are working with a fantastic group of artists to build the technical foundation for a sensornetwork to be maintained, modified and refined with oru hosts, the Finnish Bioarts Society.  Check the workshop blog for full details, links, etc. Additional Photo Documentation

Arsbioarctica Residency Updates

Kenny and Hafiz at work on the SINUNI nodes in Kiekula lab

Updates on our time as residents at in the Arsbioarctica program: http://www.kilpiscope.net/residency/

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